The Internet of Dogs

In my previous post about GreenGoose I described my initial experiences with this “Internet Of Things in a box” product. Recently I’ve been trying their API and have integrated it into my Home Automation System.

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The initial integration was easy, I used the new ASP.NET WebApi Core Libraries (from Nuget) together with Newtonsoft Json.Net. GreenGoose’s datetime format is somewhat quirky but hopefully they’ll move to a more standard one soon. They are, however, also about to switch to OAuth so it’s going to require some more work when that happens.

Aside from a few simple WebAPI calls and some Json parsing the rest was just a matter of connecting up the appropriate TimeSeries classes that I use to track values that vary over time, declaring a few graphs, and deciding what to log. With that in place I can now spin up a home automation ‘sensor’ corresponding to any GreenGoose sensor Id and my home automation system will add all of the relevant graphs and charts, triggers and more for that device.

What’s interesting is that a single sensor potentially serves a couple of different purposes. The dog collar sensor for example polls regularly back to the base station so it can potentially be used to sense both how much exercise the dog has had but also simply whether the dog is at home or not which could be really handy for anyone with a dog that’s learned to ignore the invisible fence! Each sensor can, through the TimeSeries objects also offer additional data and triggers that can be used elsewhere in the home, for example, an alert if the dog was walked less than half and hour each day.

Sun Mar 25 2012 21:14:32 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

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