The NOAA feed is great for generating custom weather forecasts

Weather Forecast from Home Automation : Click to enlarge

Although my home automation system is mostly an invisible assistant, carrying out its duties in unseen and silent fashion there is a web interface to it too and here’s one of the screens from that web interface. It shows the weather forecast for the area around my house. This information comes from a NOAA feed that is specific to the geographic location (lat/long) that you give it.

Uses for Weather Information by Home Automation

​1. In the morning the house will announce the weather for the day. In addition to the usual ‘showers with a high of blah and a low of blah’ type of forecast you can get on any radio or TV station my home automation system gives you a comparative, e.g. ‘it will be much warmer today than yesterday’. Since you know exactly what the weather was like yesterday this simple summary is in many ways more useful than the full forecast and can be more concise.

​2. The algorithm that runs the thermostats in the house performs an optimum start in the morning which means it continually calculates what temperature the house needs to be at on 5 minute intervals in order to achieve the target temperature at the target time of day - i.e. 69 degrees when you get up. But some mornings it will see that the weather forecast for the day is such that the heating would be on for a short period of time and after that the sun will provide all the heating you need. On such days it will skip heating the house completely and rely on the sun coming up and the fact that you won’t notice if it’s 67 degrees for an hour in the morning.

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