World's Smartest House (Home Automation) wins 1st and 3rd

My entry to the Microsoft .NET competition ‘My Dot Net Story’ came in 1st and 3rd. You can see the certificates here.

Home Automation Energy

The entry was a project I’ve been working on to automate our home. We now use over 40% less electricity than we used to use and our gas usage is also down substantially.

The graph at the right shows both electricity and gas consumption declining steadily year on year as the system becomes smarter about different ways to save energy. For example, it knows which rooms are occupied and which are not and can shut the lights off in any zone that’s no longer in use. It knows when we are home or away and it knows the difference between an evening out and a week long trip. Using all of these inputs it can decide what to do.

You can view a demo of the world’s smartest house here.

You’ll need Silverlight and be patient; it takes a while to load.

Wed Jan 27 2010 08:00:38 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

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