Before there was the web there was BeebTel

Sorting through the stuff from my attic in the UK I came across a manual written in 1985. Here are some verbatin quotes from the manual:

… allows us to gain instant access to information which may actually be stored on the other side of the world.

It allows you to prepare ‘pages’ and to connect these, one with another, in any way you like.

… you don’t have to be a computer expert to set up your own information system.

You can link one system to another, so that you can, in effect, create one large system.

You can set up a massive information system accessible from anywhere on the network!

It has an extremely powerful facility called an ‘execution frame’ … which allows you to ‘call up’ a computer program …

This came from a manual that I wrote in 1985 for a program called BEEBTel which was a networked, page-based viewer and editor for linked pages and executable scripts. Of course TimBL’s version was somewhat more successful, despite coming four years later :)

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