Comcast woes and a new monitoring utility

I’ve been having lots of problems with my Comcast connection this week, rather than calling the Comcast support department to receive the usual ‘turn your PC, router, model off, now turn them back on, did that fix it?’ response I decided to do some more investigation.

I was able to easily hook up the modem’s diagnostics page ( to my home automation system so now I have a complete log of all the key signal parameters.

I suspect rain is getting into the line somewhere so next step is to see if there is any connection between rainfall and these graphs. In the meantime I did move the ‘out of the box’ connection Comcast left at the top of my drive back into the metal box where it was out of the rain and so far today my connection has been rock solid, yeah!

Mon Jun 09 2008 02:28:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

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