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Tue Nov 04 2014 Xamarin Forms Application For Home Automation
Thu Jun 26 2014 A strongly-typed, RegEx-based parser for handling input strings
Fri May 02 2014 JSON Patch - a C# implementation
Wed Feb 13 2013 Dynamically building 'Or' Expressions in LINQ
Mon Feb 04 2013 VariableWithHistory - making persistence invisible, making history visible
Wed Jul 11 2012 Updated Release of the Abodit State Machine
Sun Apr 15 2012 Building a better .NET State Machine
Sun Mar 25 2012 The Internet of Dogs
Sat Jan 07 2012 A simple state machine in C#
Tue Sep 20 2011 Programming a smart home with a fluent, domain-specific language
Fri Sep 16 2011 Convert a property getter to a setter
Sat Sep 10 2011 What if ... you could define and query an Ontology using natural language?
Tue Sep 06 2011 Dynamic persistence with MongoDB - look, no classes! Multiple inheritance in C#!
Tue Aug 23 2011 Home network crawler - cataloging every file on the home LAN with C# and MongoDB
Sat Aug 20 2011 Stop writing rude software! Use LASTINPUTINFO instead.
Mon Jun 06 2011 C# Natural Language Engine connected to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online
Wed May 04 2011 Class-free persistence and multiple inheritance in C# with MongoDB
Tue Mar 22 2011 Random names in C# using LINQ and a touch of functional programming
Sat Feb 05 2011 Extending C# to understand the language of the semantic web
Fri Jan 07 2011 Algorithm Complexity and the 'Which one will be faster?' question
Sat Nov 13 2010 MongoDB Map-Reduce - Hints and Tips
Sat Oct 23 2010 Exception: An object with the same key already exists in the ObjectStateManager. The ObjectStateManager cannot track multiple objects with the same key.
Wed Sep 01 2010 Constrained parallelism for the Task Parallel Library
Fri Jul 30 2010 GDI+ Image.FromFile has a problem - here's how to fix it
Mon Jul 26 2010 Weather Forecasting for Home Automation
Tue Jul 20 2010 Sequential Logic Blocks - compared to the Reactive Framework
Mon Jul 05 2010 Lengthening short Urls in C#
Sat May 22 2010 Recent reading material on .NET and software development in general
Wed May 12 2010 An ontology triple (quad) store for RDF/OWL using Entity Framework 4
Mon May 10 2010 The relationship could not be changed because one or more of the foreign-key properties is non-nullable
Tue Apr 27 2010 Error 3032: Problem in mapping fragments : mapped to the same rows in table
Wed Apr 21 2010 A simple redirect route handler for ASP.NET 3.5 routing
Thu Apr 15 2010 Why functional programming and LINQ is often better than procedural code
Thu Apr 08 2010 10 reasons my O(n²) algorithm is better than your O(n) algorithm
Sat Mar 13 2010 Putting a feedback button on every page with ASP.NET MVC and JQuery
Wed Mar 10 2010 A simple web crawler in C# using HtmlAgilityPack
Mon Mar 08 2010 Using Exception.Data to add additional information to an Exception
Mon Mar 08 2010 ASP.NET MVC SEO - Solution Part 1
Thu Mar 04 2010 ASP.NET MVC meet SEO; SEO meet ASP.NET MVC
Mon Mar 01 2010 A strongly-typed natural language engine (C# NLP)
Thu Feb 25 2010 DateTime values should always be stored in UTC
Mon Feb 22 2010 Interesting or useful links on Twitter this week relating to .NET and C#
Tue Feb 09 2010 Building sitemap.xml for SEO ASP.NET MVC
Sun Feb 07 2010 Issues combining ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web Forms in the same application
Wed Feb 03 2010 String extension methods for truncating and adding ellipsis
Mon Feb 01 2010 If it walks like a class, talks like a class, it probably is a class
Thu Dec 10 2009 Tip: getting the index in a foreeach statement
Thu Oct 22 2009 404 errors on IIS6 with ASP.NET 4 Beta 2
Sun Oct 11 2009 The EntityContainer name could not be determined
Sun Oct 11 2009 Shortened URLs should be treated like a Codec ...
Fri Oct 09 2009 A great site for developing and testing regular expressions
Fri May 15 2009 System.Data.EntitySqlException
Wed Apr 22 2009 Exception Handling using Exception.Data
Fri Apr 17 2009 ASP.NET Custom Validation
Sat Apr 04 2009 Optimization Advice
Wed Jan 09 2008 Cache optimized scanning of pairwise combinations of values
Sun Jul 30 2006 Threading and User Interfaces