Thinking about how Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be applied to other areas of business

One thing that struck me while I was building my “Seo Keyword Search and Mapping tool” was that keyword analysis really can reveal a lot about what people are thinking about and what they are looking for. Seo keyword analysis really is the largest scale unprompted recall survey you can possibly do. You can apply it to almost any industry and it gives you a detailed picture as to what customers of that industry really want.

[My SEO tool is now offline, I sold the domain and codebase some time ago]

So what can you use this new found understanding of your customers to do?

Well, obviously you can create AdWord campaigns around it - that’s why Google provides the information to you in the first place. And clearly you can craft better landing pages with more keyword friendly titles, headings, body content and images on the page. But why stop there? Here’s four more things you can do with the information:

​1. Plan your next blog post using it - make sure you’ve covered all the topics people are asking about for your industry

​2. Create a digital sign using the keywords that are most interesting to people who visit your retail locations

​3. Use them in Twitter campaigns

​4. Use them to craft better direct marketing messages whether email or postal

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