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SEO Myths

There's a post over on Search Engine Land that has a good list of SEO Myths and things to avoid:

There are however two points with which I take issue:

"14. It’s important for your rankings that you update your home page frequently (e.g. daily.) This is another fallacy spread by the same aforementioned fellow panelist. Plenty of stale home pages rank just fine, thank you very much."

Yes there are stale pages that rank highly but that doesn't mean updating your site regularly isn't going to boost your search engine rankings; the stale pages may be at the top of their category for other reasons.  If you aren't #1 on the keywords you care about then I highly recommend adding fresh, relevant content to your site on a regular basis.  I've observed competing sites leap up from 2 to 10 spaces in the rankings when they updated their site and then gradually drop back over the following days or weeks.  Google does care about recency so this isn't such good advice as written.

**36. Great Content = Great Rankings.****Just like great policies equals successful politicians, right?

I'm not sure what the author means by this point.  Content and in-bound links form the backbone of SEO efforts.  So don't stop adding great content to your site!

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