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Domain Name buying tip: Know your phonetics and morphology

Choosing a domain name using Morphology and
PhoneticsAnyone buying a domain who is concerned about competitors or domain name squatters sneaking in should consider:

​1. The homophones (i.e. same pronunciation) for the prefix (if any), root and suffix (if any) of the domain name (e.g. fone and phone) 2. The plural form or singular form for nouns (e.g. -tune and -tunes) 3. Other tenses of verbs (e.g. -stack and -stacking (gerund) or -stacked (past participle)) 3. The hyphenated form for compound words

I've paid 3x for a plural version of a domain that someone grabbed after I'd just bought the singular form. Unfortunately consumers tended towards the plural form when recalling the name which made the purchase necessary. That's another strategy domain squatters may use against you when you purchase a domain name - they see the registration change, know that the name is worth something to someone and so they immediately grab the plural form.

A good domain name finding tool would include phonetic and morphological tools to help you find domains where all relevant forms are available (startup idea for someone).

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