What does a Smart House do at Halloween?

Pumpkins\_2010-7 Creative Commons
License photo credit: madmarv00

At Halloween our home automation system has a few additional and changed behaviors. Here are some of them …

​1. When a visiting car comes down the drive the usual alert in the house is replaced with a spooky noise. (Normally the driveway alarm is the gentle tweeting of birds – something that could easily be mistaken for an ambient noise if you didn’t live here and know what it means.)

​2. When you approach the front door there’s an alarming shuffling and scratching sound from the bushes in front of the garage.

​3. When you open the front door to visitors it plays another Halloween clip “Hello Children … “ in a spooky voice.

​4. The media player automatically allows any Halloween-appropriate songs to play when on random play. Normally such songs are skipped automatically. So you just might hear the Monster Mash, for example, mixed into the normal random rotation.

Fri Oct 29 2010 22:06:23 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

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