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Someone recently asked me what the top features are in my home automation system. That’s a tough question, I have several favorites and there are so many features in there already or under development. But, here’s a current list of some of my favorites:

  • Lights turn themselves off automatically - saves 40% on electricity usage
  • Lights turn on ahead of you at night as you walk around
  • Intelligent heating and A/C control (based on actual and expected occupancy, ‘optimum start’, weather forecast and local thermostat control)
  • Monitor house from anywhere, see at a glance what’s happening
  • Play music, news, podcasts, … in any room or zone
  • House speaks: caller ID, alarm clock, reminders, missed calls, weather forecast, … with professional quality ducking of background music
  • Automatic phone book learns the name of everyone who calls
  • Chat interface with natural language control: understands complex sentences like “who called last week on Friday after 4pm”, tells you what’s happening (calls, cars, …)
  • Calendar integration to record what happened and accept future instructions
  • Turn TV down or off remotely (“dinner’s ready” feature)
  • House can sense what’s happening and act accordingly: different behavior for away on vacation, not-occupied, occupied, visitors staying over, party
  • House generates a local, sports-specific weather forecast and alerts when there’s fresh snow, pass closures, really bad traffic
  • House can explain what it did and why it did it
  • Programming features for defining new behavior based on events, times, past history, forecasts, …

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