The original AutoRoute was developed by NextBase Limited in the UK in 1988.

Version History

AutoRoute V1.2 (not copy protected)
This beta release was given out only to a small number of journalists prior to completing work on copy protection. From there is spread like wildfire to become one of the most pirated software products of its time in the UK. One unique ‘feature’ of this version was that it would frequently route you via the Isle of Wight because at that time we had not put a delay in for ferries so it assumed you could get there and back in no time at all.

AutoRoute V1.3 (copy protected)
This was the official first release. It was sold in a cloth covered box for £130 (GBP).

AutoRoute V1.5 (copy protected)
A later release.

The original AutoRoute was a route planning and mapping program capable of displaying maps and calculating the shortest, quickest or alternative routes between any locations in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales).