What if … you could define and query an Ontology using natural language?

Tonight as an experiment I connected my NLP engine to my MongoDB triple-store and built a reasoner that does simple-entailment over just RDFS:subClassOf and OWL:disjointWith

Try it out at http://nlp.abodit.com/demo/demo

Ignore the instructions on the right and try building a simple ontology,

Start by creating some root level class:

car is a class

Now expand it:

a BMW is a car an Audi is a car what is a BMW *BMW is a car* what is an Audi *Audi is a car* is an Audi a BMW *I don't know, under the open world assumption it could be* an Audi is not a BMW is an Audi a BMW *No* 

Simple but promising.

Sat Sep 10 2011 08:30:35 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

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