Balloon Boy was much ado about nothing - Twitter

So the whole #balloonboy thing turned out to be a non-event today. The traffic on Twitter around this must have been huge. Here’s a few of the more witty comments:-

saymayday UPDATE: kid flying away in a balloon is fake!! It’s all fake!!!

candidgyal Black Hawk sent to rescue little boy in helium balloon. Someone will be lowered to attach to the balloon and rescue boy.

QuinnK Major anxiety about this balloon boy situation, and the number of people on Twitter that can’t spell ballon baloon balon BALLOON!

boxwood17 Hey, 6-year-old in the hot air balloon, I’mma let you finish, but John Denver had the best crash landing of all time.

ProgGrrl RT @HitFixDaniel I’ve temporarily switched from CNN to Fox News, because I’m curious how Balloon Boy is Obama’s fault.

pasquinade My other car is a helium balloon with a 6-year-old child inside. (Too soon?) #bleakbumperstickers


azbubba RT @tdhurst: The balloon kid would be a lot cooler if he was live tweeting this.

ebonymystique this balloon boy is gonna be the most popular kid in school tomorrow. wait…why wasnt he at school TODAY?

jennknitsalot i’m ok with #boyinballoon crashing twitter as long as the balloon doesn’t crash

michelleyus Is it me, or does this balloon thing seem like it shouldn’t be that hard? I saw Executive Decision. Mid-air solutions CAN be devised.

kella_bella when i was 6, i wanted to fly away in a hot air balloon.

drewdavies @gregeh The balloon “expert” on CNN pointed out that if the boy isn’t separated from the helium chamber, he’s not going to have any oxygen.

zamoose 6 year-old boy floating away in helium balloon on CNN. Anchors refuse to address lack of Federal funding for airborne Lassie research.

TiricoSuave “Well, it’s obviously landed.” - Stan Hess, CNN’s experimental balloon expert.

Neomic RT (via @justrod); If we couldnt find #balloonboy in his own house what makes ya think we ever gonna find Osama

bootypirate Just ordered a weather balloon kit from the back of Parents Magzine. #fb #balloonboy

OntieC #balloonboy story just so much hot air.

@EthanSuplee Has America run out of wells to fake falling down?

tsand: - Working on prototypes of our #balloonboy Halloween costumes.

Yarhoza Yo Balloon Boy was probably in Narnia while all this was all going on. #balloonboy #balloonboy #balloonboy #balloonboy #balloonboy

reverendnathan Ballon Boy’s favorite song? “I believe I can fly” by R. Kelly. He thinks about it every night and day. #balloonboy

jaimebradley #balloonboy if you name a child after a bird, he’s going to want to fly

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